Thursday, March 28, 2013

Martin Luther and "Evangelical Calvinism"

Christianity Today published my Letter to the Editor in their April issue:

Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber to see enough of the article for mine to be visible, so I've also included the text below:

The Way to Election
In "Election is for Everyone" [January/February], Roger Olson describes Martin Luther as being one of the "early reformers" whose understanding of election closely resembled the one commonly associated with Calvin.  I find this a serious mischaracterization.  Luther acknowledged God's receiving sole credit for salvation, but rejected the idea of God's electing to condemnation.  His view much more closely (although not quite identically) resembled the "third way" Olson identifies as evangelical Calvinism.  In truth, confessional Lutherans were the "third way" between Arminianism and Calvinism before either of them was even formulated.

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